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September 4, 2008 - Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 2.5 released
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CodeLobster PHP Edition
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CodeLobster - highlighting code editor

The CodeLobster multipurpose code editor enables the user to create and edit notes, web pages, scripts, databases and program files, join them into projects, handle projects, etc; it includes HTML code editor, PHP code editor, JavaScript code editor, CSS code editor, ASP code editor and VBScript code editor.
CodeLobster code editor supports .txt, .cpp, .c, .h, .java, .jsp, .php, .pl, .cgi, .asp, .cs, .aspx, .html,.css, .xml, .xls, .js, .vbs and .sql file types and contains templates for all ot them. You may create files of all mentioned types and edit them by means of both customary and advanced instruments, commands and features. Among them are code folding (code collapsing), code converting, code formatting, work with rectangular code blocks, code highlighting, HTML Tidy tool, autocomplete and context help, customizable visual style.

Code collapsing (Code Folding) makes code more tight if necessary. This functionality is eminently useful when working with extensive code blocks. Code converting allows to convert HTML code into ASP, JSP, Perl or PHP functions and vice versa. Code collapsing (code folding), code formatting and syntax highlighting make code legible and intelligible. When working with material grouped in columns, ability to select and edit rectangular code blocks may appear notably useful. HTML Tidy tool can assist user to correct errors in HTML code.
Autocomplete (code completion) for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, ASP and VBScript languages helps user to write tags, functions and other keywords promptly and accurately. Context help for HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and VBScript languages provides user with all necessary information on tags, functions, etc. At last, ability to choose one of three available visual styles of menu and toolbars (original, XP, 2003) may become a pleasant surprise for any kind of users.

Besides CodeLobster highlighting code editor holds a few capabilities in general usage, such as transliteration, spell-checking, etc.

Highlighting Code Editor

Highlighting Code Editor

Today demands of people are quite different. It's hard enough to please everyone, none the less CodeLobster highlighting code editor can meet wishes of the most exacting consumer. CodeLobster team of developers tried to combine the most effective code editing instruments and features with their own understanding of durability and handiness concepts. Owing to their efforts the ready-built code editor possesses powerful functionality and intelligible interface, which may notice attention of both amateurs and experienced users. Now CodeLobster code editor earns popularity among people who appreciate stable software with great support at a moderate price.

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