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March 06, 2018 - Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 5.14.5 released
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Smarty IDE:

Smarty is a very popular Template Engine. It provides the programmer and template designer with wealth of tools to automate tasks commonly dealt with at the presentation layer of an application.

Smarty template engine Smarty Plug-in is a part of Codelobster PHP Edition - Professional version

The Smarty plug-in turns a Smarty editor into a full-fledged Smarty IDE!

Smarty IDE has the following abilities to work with Smarty templates:
1. Ability to install Smarty Template Engine
Smarty plug-in gives the ability to download the latest framework version from the original site and install it to the necessary folder using wizard.
Smarty Template Engine installation

2. Setup Smarty parsing mode
If you want to work with .html files in Smarty IDE (Smarty editor) mode you should set "HTML+Smarty" parsing mode.
Smarty IDE - Smarty editor
For .tpl files Smarty parsing mode is applied automatically.

3. Code highlighting
That feature means Smarty syntax coloring.
Smarty code highlighting

4. Intelligent autocomplete
Intelligent autocomplete feature enables you to write code faster. Pop-up completion list includes Smarty variables, variables assigned from PHP
Smarty variables autocomplete

and functions
Smarty functions autocomplete
Completion list is called automatically in necessary area of Smarty code.

5. Context and Dynamic Help
With these features you can quickly obtain necessary information about Smarty syntax.
To get help topics using Context Help:
  • Place the pointer on element you want to review help topic for and press F1 button
By default Codelobster PHP Edition searches for proper help information on site.
You can select Local Help file instead. To change site address:
  • Move to the Preferences menu (Tools|Preferences)
  • In the left grid click Context Help item and select JS
  • In the right grid select necessary value from the Location dropdown list and press OK
Smarty context help

You can also select proper language here.
Dynamic Help
The Dynamic Help window displays links to help topics for an element the pointer is placed on. By default Codelobster PHP Edition conducts search to site.
Smarty dynamic help
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